Selah Rain comes to 40Something

Born in Austria, now living in Missouri, beautiful Selah Rain, a mom and occasional porn star, makes her debut, and she has something to tell you.

“I’m 45 years old,” Selah said. “That’s the first time I’ve ever revealed my real age.”

Her birthday is December 2, and just in case you’re wondering (because we’ve seen her age listed as younger), we have her IDs.

Today, Selah is going to show off her big tits and voluptuous body. She’s going to fuck her pussy with a toy. And Thursday, she’s going to fuck a starstruck stud.

“I am addicted to cock,” Selah said. “I love the pussy, too, but I love having a big, juicy cock in front of me. It’s invigorating.”

Selah is engaged to be married. She enjoys writing poetry, running and attending to her 18-acre ranch. She’s writing a book.

Sexual fantasies: “I’ve fulfilled all but two. I’d like to fuck Drake and Denzel Washington.”

How often she has sex: “At least once a day, minimum. It’s a must for me.”

Kinkiest sexual encounter: “In the courthouse bathroom with a stranger when I went to pay a traffic ticket.”

Hmmm…if she’d fucked the cop, she wouldn’t have had to worry about that ticket in the first place.


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