A huge-titted cougar and her toy

“I masturbate a few times a week,” 42-year-old blonde bombshell Barbie Nicole said. “I’m more of a clit girl. I get off easier by my clit than insertion. But I enjoy using my pocket rocket. She’s like me, tiny but mighty.”

Today, we get to see one of those few times a week, and Ms. Nicole is using a toy on her pussy. But it’s her huge, SCORE-sized tits that might get your attention first.

“I always dress to show my boobs! I mean why hide them?” she said. “Mine are meant to show to the world. I love how perfect they are. They look even better in small sports bras.”

We’re certain her tits look great in anything that fits tight and right.

“My hobbies are working out, shopping and doing photo shoots,” Barbie said. “Even though my breasts are a lot bigger, I tend to try to make them fit in DDD- or F-cup bras. I love how they pop even more when the bra doesn’t fit.”

Barbie’s fetish: “I like to be spanked.”

And get this: “I once had sex in a theater while the movie was playing. It was so kinky and super-hot.”

Just like Barbie.


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